Video page

The video page displays only locally-hosted videos vertically down the page, like so:

To display video on video page, it must first be uploaded to > Edit > Video as described here

Once the video has been imported to the page, it should appear in the Admin Panel > video page like so:

Click on the file name to edit the options.  Here you can edit the tite, description and dimensions.

Video dimensions
If you decide to change the video dimensions, it's recommended to keep the original proportions.  However, the recommended way to change the video size is by recompressing it.

Reset all video dimensions
You can reset the dimensions for all videos on the Videos page by doing the following:
  • On the Admin Panel > video page, click Refresh dimensions
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Syncing videos

While the video page is simple place to display videos, it is also the place where videos are synced to your site's Admin Panel after uploaded at  So, if you see videos missing from a drop down on other pages (for example, to select a home page video) click the Copy changes... button at the top of the page to re-sync the videos.

More about the video page

The video page works well if you only need to display a few videos together.  Otherwise, displaying videos in an image gallery or on text pages is likely a better option.