Standard gallery layout

The Standard gallery layout displays images in rows, like so:

or possibly like so:

The Standard gallery layout settings can be found in the Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one) > Advanced > Advanced Layout Options > Standard.  These settings look like so:

Image Size
You will likely want to use either Thumb or Big.  (Here's some more information on the available sizes.)

Layout Style
  • Vertical scroll: displays rows stacked down the page.
  • Horizontal scroll: displays a single row of images that does not wrap.

Images per row
This option displays when Layout Style: Vertical scroll is checked.
  • Auto: displays rows of images according to the browser width (recommended)
  • (Numbers 1-10): Displays a set number of images per row

Wrap wide rows
This option displays when the following options are selected:
  • Layout Style: Vertical Scroll
  • Images per Row: (Number is greater than one)
If Wrap wide rows is checked Yes, the rows will wrap to fit the browser width. 
If Wrap wide rows is checked No, the rows will not wrap, and will try to center the images in their respective columns.

Standardize image height
This option sets the height of all images in the gallery to the same as the shortest image.  This can create a more uniform appearance in some cases.  But it can also make all the images very small, if one very small image exists in the gallery.