Site-wide layout

Your site provides different site-wide layout and alignment options, for example:

Layout tab

The easiest place to modify the site-wide layout, is the Layout tab at the bottom of the Admin Home page.

Click on one of the layout icons there to get started.

You can switch between modifying the site-wide and gallery layout options by clicking the Site-wide and Galleries links in the upper left corner.

Modifying all gallery layouts at once
Click the Galleries link in the upper left corner, and you can use the sample layout suggestions to quickly preview all options.

Click Save to modify all gallery layouts at once.  Or, click Close to exit without saving.

Navigation position

The site's navigation can be positioned along the left side of the content, like so:

or across the top like so

These options are easier to change with the Layout tab described above.  But, they can be manually set using the More... tab next to the Layout tab like so:

Lock in place
This makes the navigation stay visible while scrolling down the screen.

Smart scrolling
While the Lock in place option disables scrolling of the navigation.  The Smart scrolling option allows enough scrolling so that a very long list of navigation links can always be scrolled enough to see all the links.

Align the site
The site can be aligned to the left or center of the site.  For example:

Background color
This is a quick way to set the background color to black and white.  For custom colors, you can use the Look and Feel tab.