Stacked gallery layout

The Stacked layout displays columns of uniform width, like so:

or possibly like so:

The Stacked gallery layout settings can be found in the Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one) > Advanced > Advanced Layout Options > Stacked.  These settings look like so:

Layout width
  • Auto: sizes the layout to fit within the browser window (recommended)
  • Set...: lets you can set the width of the grid on the page in pixels

Image size
Sets the image sized used.  Keep in mind, the width of the columns will be equal to the narrowest size image.  More on the image sizes here.

Display info within lightbox only
By default, image information (such as the Title, Medium, and Dimension) will be displayed only below the larger size image in the Lightbox view.  However, if this is checked No, it will also appear below the stacked image.