Google analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for seeing information about your site's traffic.  To get started with this, try the following:
  • Sign-up at
  • Find your tracking ID within your Google Analytics account.  It should appear like so: UA-XXXXXXXXX-X or G-XXXXXXXXXXX.
  • Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID at bottom of the Admin Panel > Admin Home page, in the Google Analytics Tracking ID field.

Click Save Changes at the bottom.

Within 24 hours, you should begin to see traffic stats within your account.

Required Google Analytics upgrade

Beginning July 1st, 2023 Google will no longer accept this tracking IDs that look like UA-XXXXXXXXX, and you must get a new that looks like so: G-XXXXXXXXX

This is part of a Google-required analytics upgrade from their Universal Analytics to their new Google Analytics 4. 

To get started, login to your Google Analytics account and go here:

Click on Admin in the lower left corner.

Click GA4 Setup Assistant.

Click the Get Started button.

Click Create property.

Click Go to your GA4 property.

Click Data Steams > Web > and then the right arrow below Web.

Copy the new tracking ID that looks like G-XXXXXXXXX (now referred to as a Measurement ID).

Add the new tracking id in your site's admin section > Admin Home > Google Analytics Tracking ID field.