Reports and invoices

You can create PDF documents using images from your galleries.  These include:

Invoices contain images, and some information about the sale.

Fact sheets
Fact sheets contain images, each with some information.

Consignment sheets
Consignment sheet are designed to accompany consigned works to a gallery. These contain images, information about the works, and the consignment agreement. (NOTE: Consignment sheets can only be created from a collection, rather than a single artwork.)

These documents can be generated in the Admin Panel > Admin Home > More Options > Inventory tab.

Inventory tab

Here you can toggle open the different image galleries to begin selecting images for your documents.

Click on any image to view and edit the fields.  And, use the Invoice, Fact Sheet links to begin creating documents.

Click the green arrow to download the document.

Clicking the Invoice link provides the option to enter additional information for the document, including:
  • Your personal or business information
  • Client's person  information
  • Price, discount, tax
  • Inventory number
  • Additional notes

Fact Sheet
Clicking the Fact Sheet link provides the option to enter additional information for the document, including your personal informatoin, an inventory number, and notes.

You can create collections for multiple purposes, but these are mostly designed for creating documents.  To create a new collection, click the Add a new collection link at the top of the Inventory tab.

Here, you can add the Collection Name and Collection Notes.  Then click Save.  The collection should then appear like so:

Add images to a collection by clicking on the image, and then the Collections link next to the image.

Documents from collections

Invoices, Fact Sheets and Consignment Sheets can be created from a collection like so:
  • First, create a collection with images as described above
  • Click on the number in the collection Image Count column

  • Click on the the document type you want to create
  • Enter the information for document, click the green arrow to download

Consignment sheets
Consignment sheets can only be created from a collection.  So, if you wish to consign a single image, create a collection with one image.