Other home page options

The More... tab provides other options for your home page content. 

This is the default option.  It displays the image uploaded to the Image tab.

Random image...
This displays a random image from a selected gallery.

This displays a slideshow from a selected gallery.

Stacked images...
This displays a Stacked layout grid from a selected gallery.

This displays a Justified layout grid from a selected gallery.

Uploaded video...
Select a video uploaded to icompendium.com/accounts and imported into the site.  Check Make full screen for a full screen looping background video.

Embedded video...
Display a video using embed code.

This can be a good if you have a site-wide background image, or perhaps want a more minimal appearance.

Gallery on the home page
When a gallery is displayed on the home page (using the Slideshow, Stacked, or Justified options) that gallery's layout settings are used.