Resizing a video

When a video is uploaded to > Edit > Videos, you can create another size like so:

  • Click on the file name of the orignally uploaded video
  • Go to Recompress > Settings

  • Adjust the Size, Video and Audio bit rate (smaller for a smaller file)
  • Click the Recompress button
  • The new video should appear automatically within 15 minutes


Adjusting the compression

A video with higher compression may download faster, but may appear lower quality.  A video without enough compression may stop during playback, since the file size is too large for fast download. 

You can adjust the compression by changing the Video bit rate setting within the Recompress > Settings window show above.  A compression somewhere between 500 and 2000 KB/s is recommended.  (Adjusting the Audio bit rate setting will not substantially affect the file size).

Adjusting only the dimensions

When videos are displayed in an image gallery or on the video page in your site, you can technically adjust the dimensions there without recompressing the video as described above.   However, this is not usually recommended, since this doesn't adjust the compression, and could result in a video that displays small, but is relatively large in file size, or vice versa.  With this in mind, you can change the video dimensions within your site's Admin Panel as described below.

On the Video page
Your site comes with a video page that can easily import and display videos.  Click the Copy changes... button at the top of the video page in the Admin Panel, and you can then edit information about the video.  This also lets you set the video height and width.  If you change this, it's recommended to keep the same proportion as the original video. 

If you want to reset the original dimensions for all the vidoes on the Video page in the Admin Panel, click on the Admin Panel > Video page > Refresh dimensions link, and click Save Changes at the bottom.

In an image gallery
You can add a video to any image gallery by going to the Admin Panel > Image gallery > Advanced > Enable Video feature, and then Save Changes at the bottom.  This lets you select a video from a drop down list next to any image in the gallery.  When selected, the dimensions will need to be entered.  It's important to enter dimensions that are the same proportion as the original video.  Cliking Refresh dimensions above the drop down list of videos will load the original dimensions.  The click Save Changes at the bottom.