News page

A news page displays a list of posts over time, like so:

Posts to the news page can be archived by year, and dynamically added as a visitor scrolls down the page.  In this way, you can make hundreds of news posts navigable in a single section.

Creating new posts

You can create new news posts like so:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > News page > Create New News Item, check Yes
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom

On the next page, you can enter a News Heading, Link and News Description like so:

You can also edit the Created and Expires dates.  News articles will not appear after their Expires date. 

News items are ordered automatically according to their Created date.

Add images

There are several ways to add images to a news article.

Add a header image
A header image appear at the top of the news article.  Use the Header Image tab to upload a single image for the news post.

NOTE: The Header Image > Image Width setting is used  to set the width for all news images at the time of upload (including those on the Multiple tab).

Multiple images
To add multiple images, click the Multiple tab, and click Browse... or Choose File... to upload the images.

Once the images are uploaded, click Add to Text below each image to display it on the page.


News page settings

The settings at the top of the news page in the Admin Panel appear like so:

Show posted date for all news items
This automatically displays the Created Date below each news article heading.

Load more news after scrolling past X articles
This automatically loads more news articles from the past as the visitor scrolls down the page.  This will include news articles past their expiration date.

Display navigation by year
This creates a yearly navigation for the news articles based on their Created Date.  This can be a helpful way to archive many news articles over time.

Display RSS feed icon
This allows visitors to link to your RSS feed, which must be turned on first.  An RSS feed can be used by visitors who want to keep track of your news updates using an RSS feed reader, like, for example feedly

Paragraph width
This sets the article text width.
Can I create more news pages?
Your site comes with a single news page.  However, you can create a text page with multiple text sections to produce a similar structure.

How can I change the order of the news articles?
News articles are ordered automatically by the Created Date, with the newest first.  The Created Date can be edited for each news article.

How can I delete posts?
Go to the Admin Panel > News page > click on the news headline you want to delete.  On the next page, at the bottom, check the Yes next to Delete News Item and Save Changes at the bottom.