Stats log

View a list of the last 1000 page views on your site by going to the Admin Panel > Admin Home > More Options > Stats tab.

On the Stats tab a list of pages views should appear like so:


Stats options

The stats tab provides options to block certain types of traffic.  This can help reduce amount of spam referrers and perhaps some visitors you don't want.

Click on the Options link at the top of the Stats tab to see these options:

Ip addresses to ban
Enter any IP address(es) from the stats log to prevent that visitor from viewing your site.  Enter the IP addresses one per line, like so:

Referrers to ban
You can ban referreral links that contain certain keywords.  For example, if you want to block the following referrers links:

Then enter, the following lines in the Referrers to ban text box:


This will hide any referrer links with seo- or pharma- in the address, like the following: