Tax and shipping

You may wish to specify some rules for adding tax and shipping for your items.  For this, your site integrates with  When using, the checkout process works like so:

A visitor clicks the Buy button

They, see a non-branded page where they can enter their physical address, and go to checkout.

On the following page, shipping and taxes are added based on rules you have created within  

And the purchase is finalized with PayPal, or perhaps another processor depending on your set-up.


Checkout with

Once you have signed-up for an account at, you can connect your icopmendium site by doing the following:
  • Go to your site's Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one with PayPal activated)
  • Click the PayPal item ID number next to any image in the gallery
  • In the new browser that appears, click Site-wide Checkout Options, and check Mals
  • Add your username and servername (provided to you from

NOTE: Items solve via checkout must have the Title field populated in the image gallery.