Contact page

A simple contact page may look like so:

A contact page with all the options turned on may look like so:



It's important to enter your email address in the Admin Panel > Contact page, even if you decide not to display it on the page (leave it unchecked, in this case) since it's used to help recover your password.

Contact form

The contact form gives visitors to a quick and easy way to send you an email.  Messages sent through this form are forwarded to the email address entered into the Contact page.  As well, by default, the last 50 submissions can be seen by clicking on the Admin Panel > Contact page > Contact Form > Archive link.

Simple english captcha
This will display a simple question that must be answered before a visitor can email you through the contact form.  It is designed to reduce spam.  Click on the Edit captcha questions link to provide your own simple questions and acceptable comma-separated answers.

An example captcha question may appear like so:

Need a custom contact form?
Try creating one within a text page.

NOTE: It's important to periodically test the contact form, and check the Contact Form > Archive,  since some email service providers may filter contact form emails away from the inbox. 

Google map

Enter the physical contact address into the contact page > Google Map Address textbox, click Save Changes at the bottom.

And a map should automatically be created on the page, like so:


Mailing list

The mailing list option provides a simple place for visitors to add their email to your contact list.  When an email address is added, you should receive a notification to your personal email (the one entered on this contact page).

Manage mailing list
You can view the email addresses added to your mailing list by clicking on the contact page > Mailing List > Manage link.  This displays a list of addresses that you can copy and paste into your preferred email software.


Facebook badge

A Faceboook badge can be displayed on your contact page by doing the following:
  • Get the badge code for your Facebook page here.
  • Copy the embed code.
  • Paste it into the Facebook Badge text box.
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.