Social media

You can display social badges and share-buttons on your site like so:

Badge strip examples

Share buttons examples

Share buttons flyout

These social media buttons can be found in the Admin Panel > Admin Home > More Options > Social Media tab.


Badge strip

The badge strip displays small icons linked to your various social media pages.  For example, you might display a Facebook and Instagram badge that link to your Facebook and Instagram profiles respectively.  The badge strip options appear like so:

Set the position for the badge strip on your site.

Profile options
Check the social media profiles you wish to link.  And, replace the placeholder URL (for example: with the URL for your own page.

Icons color
Click into the color setting and a color picker will appear.

Icon size
The icon size in pixels.

Share buttons

The share buttons allow visitors to share your site on their social media pages.  For example, if a visitor clicks the Facebook Like button on your site, a link to your site will appear on their Facebook page, and possibly in the news feed of their friends. 

The share buttons options appear like so:

The buttons can be set to On page like so:

or they can be set to In flyout like so:

Enter your Twitter username, and decide whether you prefer the tweets to apply to individual pages or your entire site.

You can have the like apply to the:
  • Entire site: this will increase the like count in the Like button since they won't be divided between pages.
  • Individual pages: the links only count towards the pages on which the like button is clicked.  However, it allows more precise liking and the like in the visitor's news feed will link back to that page.
  • Custom URL: this could be a public Facebook page, such as one set-up for your artwork.

This allows visitors to select items from your site to pin.

This button will allow visitors to share your site in their Google+ news feed.

This button allows visitors to easily email links to your site.  When this button is clicked, the visitor's email program opens with a pre-populated subject line and message that refers to the current page on your site.