Multiple options per item

You may wish to sell an item with various options.  For example -- a digital print may come in three sizes.  This may look like so:

To do this, try the following:

In the new browser window that appears, you can enter the options for the item like so:

Adding prices per option
For options with a price, simply add :: after the option name, followed by a number with two decimal places.  For example:

Available sizes...
- Small :: 200.00
- Medium :: 400.00
- Large :: 600.00

When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom.  And Close Window in the upper left.

Adding a price in the Admin Panel
Back in the Admin Panel, next to image, be sure to add a value in the Price field.  Even, if the price for the item will come from the selected option, the Price field still needs a value in order for the Buy button to appear.  If there are prices attached to the options in the drop down, simply add 9999 to the Price field next to the image.   In this case, it will not be displayed next to the image.