Individual image resizing

Icompendium attempts to provide maximum freedom over image sizes.  However, it's important to understand there are several factors that affect your image sizes.  For example, a particular gallery layout may automatically standardize the height or width.  Also important are the individual sizes of each image that are automatically generated at upload.  You can see these different versions for each image by doing the following:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one)
  • Click directly on an image
  • Below the image, click the Resize tab > Resize link:

This will bring up a the image resize screen, like so:

Many gallery layouts let you choose the image size (Smallest, Thumb, Big...) and that's the easiest way to change the image size gallery-wide.  However, you can also modify individual image sizes by dragging and dropping the right hand corner of the images in this window like so:

When you have a new size that you want, click Fix size below the image, and will save the size.  Clicking Reset size will restore the image to the last saved size.

Need custom cropped images? 
You can use the built-in image cropper for generating a new square-shaped Smallest size image.  Or, you can upload pre-sized images for any individual size.

Want to resize an image size across a whole gallery?
Try the batch resize tool.

Want newly uploaded images to be created at a different size? 
Look at the per-gallery image sizing information.