Text section

A text page text section can display text, images and embedded videos.  A single text section may appear like so:

Several text sections together may appear like so:

Sections can be displayed side by side, or stacked vertically.

Formatting toolbar

This toolbar allows styling text, inserting links and embedding videos.

Website links
Highlight the text or image you want linked, and click on the link icon.

Add the link address in the pop-up window.

  • Click OK
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Email address links
Highlight the email address you want to link, and then click on the link icon.

Change the Link Type drop down to E-mail, and enter your email address.

  • Click OK
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Embedding videos
You can find some information on embedding videos here.

Adding images

Images can be added to text pages, like so:
  • Click the Add Images link above the textbox toolbar.
  • Set the Image Height setting, and click the Browse... or Choose File... button to upload the images.

Click Add to Text below the image to move it into the textbox.

Images next to text
The easiest way to display images next to text (instead of sandwiched between paragraphs) is to use the table icon on the text box toolbar.  

Set as follows:
Rows: 1
Columns: 2

After adding images (as described above) do the following:
Step A: Click into the table cell in which you want the image
Step B: Click Add to text below the image.

This will move the image into the table cell.  You can drag the vertical cell divider to get the table size you want, and paste in text.

As well, you can right-click on the table itself, or the table cells to set properties like content alignment.