Justified gallery layout

The Justified layout displays images in rows of equal width, and equal height per row.  This may look like so:

Or possibly, like so:

The Justified gallery layout settings can be found in the Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one) > Advanced > Advanced Layout Options > Justified.  These settings look like so:

Justified width
  • Auto: sets width of image layout to fit browser window (recommended)
  • Set...: allows setting a fixed layout width in pixels

Margin size
The amount of space between the images in the layout.  The default value is around 25.

Image size
This is the size of the images used in the layout.  Here's some more information on the available sizes.  (NOTE: The rows height will be no taller than the shortest image in the row.  So, a single very short image can make an entire row very short.)

Info on mouseover
This displays the image title when mousing over the image.