Splash page

A splash page is an entry page that precedes your site. It can look like so:

To add a splash page to your site, do the following:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Admin Home > More Options > Splash Page tab.
  • Check On in the upper right corner, and the settings should appear like so:

Here you can select an image, a video, or a full screen slideshow to display on the home page.

An image
For a full screen image, upload a horizontal image that is between 1500 and 1900 pixels wide, and less than 1 MB (1000 KB) in size.

A video
You can select an video uploaded to your site.

A full screen slide show
Galleries with original horizontal images larger than 1500 pixels in size can be selected for inclusion.

Splash page text
This is optional, but you may wish to display something like your name on the splash page.

You can set the font style, size, color and alignment for the text.