Uploading a video

You can upload a video for your site by doing the following:

Select the video from your computer, and wait for it to upload.  If it is larger than 300 MB in size (or depending on what you account allows) you may need to recompress it before upload

  • If the uploaded video was not compressed prior to upload, wait around 10 - 15 minutes for a recompressed version to be generated.  This new file will end in .m4v
  • You can view both the original and recompressed videos by clicking on the file name


Importing video to your site

Once your video is uploaded as described above, you can import it into your site like so:
  • Go to your site's Admin Panel > Video page
  • Click the Copy changes... button at the top of the page

This should display a basic list of your videos. 

  • You can click on a video file name, and set it to Viewable to All
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

This is a basic way to display videos on a single page.  If you have multiple videos that you wish to display throughout the site, see the embedding videos instructions.