Images to represent categories

On a nested links page, Default images represent the child pages.  This may look like so:

Add Default images to represent each child gallery by doing the following:

Go to the Admin Panel > Nested links page (for example Archive, in the example above).  Next to each child gallery should be the option to upload a Default Image.

These can be resized by dragging and dropping the lower right corner of each image, and then clicking Fix Size.


Nested links page layout

The default images can be layed out in a grid like so:

or in a vertical list like so:

In the Advanced options of each nested links page, you can change the Nested links page layout option, like so:

For a free-flowing grid that responds to the page width, use the following settings:
  • Images across: 0
  • Force grid size: No
    • Grid column width: 0
    • Row height: 0

Vertical list

The vertical layout displays the images in a single column, with the option to also display an image gallery description next to each image.  The vertical layout includes the following options:
  • Display horizontal separators: displays a thin border between the images
  • Display section descriptions: displays image gallery description next to the images.  The image gallery descriptions are entered into the Advanced options each image gallery.