Preparing videos

It's technically possible to upload videos as shot on your device, but these videos may be very large in size.  For example, a video from your phone may be 100 MB in file size per minute of video.  A compressed video will playback much better, and still appear high quality.

Video compression

On an Apple, use QuickTime
Apple users with the latest operating system (OS 10.11 or higher) installed can compress videos like so:

View the video file in the Finder, and right-click on it

  • From the fly-out menu, select Encode Selected Videos Files
  • In the Encode Media window that appears, select either 480p (for a video 480 pixels tall [recommended]) or 720p (for a video 720 pixels tall)
  • Set Encode for: to Greater Compatibility

Click Continue

This should create an .m4v file that is high quality, and good for uploading.

Built-in video compression
Any video you upload will be automatically recompressed as a .m4v file, which you can display on your site.  However, if you have a video that is longer than 2-3 minutes, you'll likely need to recompress it before uploading.