Search page

The search page allows you or visitors to search your site.  For example, visitors may search for work based on year, title, medium and general description like so:

Or, they can search based on tags you have attached, like so:

Search privately
Within the Admin Panel, you can also use these search features privately, and search on private database notes you have entered.  Here the search options look like so:

You can also perform tag based searches in the Admin Panel:

When performing a search in the Admin Panel, that type of search will also be saved for display if the page is public.  For example, if you use the Tag Searching options in the Admin Panel, the public version of the page will also display tag-based searching.

Public search
When visitors search your site, they will never see results from images or galleries that are set to Hidden in the Admin Panel.

Image tagging

Gallery images can be tagged for searching withing your site like so:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Image gallery (any one) > Advanced > Enable Image Tagging, check Yes
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom
  • Now, next to any image in the gallery, click Edit Tags

This brings up a tag editing window like so:

  • Add comma-separated tags here. 
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom.
  • Click Close Window at the bottom to go back to the Admin Panel.

The new tags are added to a list of clickable tags that can be re-used.

Private database notes

You may wish to track that an artwork is owned by a particular collector, or exists in a certain location.  Text entered in the private database notes field, can be searched in the Admin Panel > Search page.

Turn on the Private datasbase notes by doing the following:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Image gallery (with the images) > Advanced > Enable Private Database Notes, check Yes

  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
  • Now, the Private Database Notes field should appear below each image in that gallery.

You can search the private database notes by doing the following:
  • Go to the Admin Panel > Search page
  • Make sure Text Searching is checked
  • Enter the search text in the Private Database Notes field
  • Click Search, and Save at the bottom.  Keep in mind, this will switch the search mode of the page to Text Searching.  So, you may wish to reset it to Tag Searching after performing your search.