Domain verification

If you use a third-party mailing list service, such as MailChimp, you may be asked to "verify your domain" or add certain DNS records so that you can send email from an address such as  If so, please copy and paste the instructions provided by your mailing list service (such as MailChimp) into an email and send them to
Do I need to do anything special when sending email from
(The information below applies to customers using hosted email, or services like MailChimp).

Beginning in April, 2024, email service providers will such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook will begin enforcing stricter rules for receiving emails from  To comply with these rules, and ensure your emails from are deliverable, you will need to have certain DNS records in place.  These includes TXT records, and possibly CNAME DNS records (such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC entries) for that are specific to your account at your email service provider.