Image guidelines

Uploaded images must be:
  • JPEG format (with the extension .jpg)
  • less than 4000 pixels in the longest direction
  • less than 6 MB (6000 KB) in size

For the best results, images should be:
  If you are uncertain about your images, there's no harm in trying to upload them as they are now.  If they upload ok, and look good, then there is no need to modify them further.  However, for images that load the fastest and look the best, I recommend uploading images that have around 4 - 500 KB of file size for every one million pixels.

Does color profile matter?
Yes.  Images with an sRGB color profile will display more accurately in a browser.  Most JPEG images are in sRGB format.  And, if they are not sRGB color profile, exporting the images from PhotoShop or Apple Photos should fix this.

Does DPI matter?
Not really.  This is because the DPI will be optimized for the best screen resolution upon upload.