Search optimization settings

On the Admin Home page, you'll see a link like so:

Clicking on this, displays several fields:

Site description
This should be a short objective description of your site.  Some examples are:
  • Your Name Art
  • Artwork by Your Name
  • Your Name NYC painter, sculptor and video artist.
  • Images, text and reviews for Brooklyn-based scultpor Your Name

Often times, Google will display the site description below your site's title in the search results.

Site titles
The auto-generated page titles (seen by search engines, and displayed on your browser tab) begin with whatever text you have entered in the Admin Home > Artist's name field, and then append the page names.  For example, a gallery called Image Gallery 1, inside a nested links page called Archive, would have a title like so:

Your Name : Archive : Image gallery 1

If you want the titles to begin with some different text, you can choose the Prepend titles with... option.  Here, enter the text you prefer to be used instead of whatever is entered into the Artist's name field.  For example, you may wish to enter something like: Your Name paintings, prints and textile design.  The would make the page title of a page called paintings look like so:

Your Name paintings, prints and textile design : Paintings

Leave this field blank.  Search engines no longer give weight to keywords, and in some cases they may penalize your site for keyword spam or keyword stuffing.  The only reason this option is provided is because some customers request it.