Privacy policy

Effective May 24th, 2018

Privacy is your right, and it's our mission help you maintain the privacy you expect. Part of that is being transparent about the information Icompendium collects, and helping you understand how it is stored, shared and processed.

Icompendium processes information for different types of people -- Icompendium customers (those with Icompendium websites) and the visitors to those websites.

Information we collect from Icompendium customers

When a customer creates an Icompendium account the following information is entered by the customer, and stored by Icompendium:

- The customer's physical address and phone number

The customer's street address, city, state, zip code and phone number are stored with Icompendium only, and are only passed to Icompendium's payment processor if the customer is paying directly through Icompendium instead of a third-party service, such as Paypal. The payment processor uses these data to provide additional assurance that the card holder is also the card owner.

- The customer's email address

The customer's email address is never shared with any third party, and only used for critical communications, such as renewal reminders, password resets, and special feature updates. If a customer cancels their Icompendium account, their email address is no longer used for any kind of automated correspondence.

- The customer's partial payment card information

When a customer pays directly through Icompendium, the full credit card number is passed directly to the payment processor and never written to the server in any format. Icompendium does, however, store the card expiration date, card type, and last four digits. This information is used only for the purpose of communicating with the customer about the payment source on file.

As a customer builds their new site and interacts with the Icompendium system, the following data is stored only within Icompendium:

- The information customers upload to their website

This includes artwork (jpg images, sound and video files) and text content. This may also include private notes, private artwork collections, and special username and password combinations a customer creates to grant others access to their site. This information is never shared with a third party.

- Website login attempts

When a customer or anyone else attempts to login to an Icompendium website, the IP address, browser version information, attempted username, time and success or failure is stored. The attempted password is never stored in any format.

Information collected from visitors to Icompendium websites

When a visitor browses an Icompendium customer's website the following information is collected:

- A cookie set by Icompendium that identifies visitors as unique

This cookie simply allows Icompendium to see that, for example, the same visitor has viewed three different pages in a certain order. It does not contain any information that is linked to a visitor's online or offline identity elsewhere.

- Possibly, cookies set by a customer's integrated third party services

Some customers may wish to install traffic stats programs on their websites such as Google Analytics. These third party services use their own cookies to track the uniqueness of visitors. If the customer decides to use a third party service such as a Facebook Like button, or other social media button, cookies set by these social media companies could provide information about the visitor's browsing activity on the website back to the social media company.

- Possibly, information entered into contact forms created by the customer

For example, the customer may have forms to allow participation in a mailing list, or for sending an email directly to the customer. Information entered into these forms are sometimes stored on the Icompendium server, but may be also stored on third party servers as well. For example, if a customer has embedded a form from a third-party mailing list service provider, the form data (such as a first name, last name and email address) would be stored with the third-party.

Prospective customers may request an Icompendium demo, or trial of Icompendium. For this purpose, a non-paid Icompendium website account is set-up to allow prospective customers to better understand how well Icompendium works for them. During the process of requesting and creating a demo the following information is collected:

- First name, last name, email address

This information is never shared with a third party, and only used during limited follow-up communications during the demo period which may range from two to four weeks.

All of the same information described above within "Information we collect from Icompendium customers," but without the collection of payment related information.

Email correspondence and voicemails

All electronic communications with Icompendium for any purpose are saved for an indefinite period of time. These, however, are never shared with any third party unless required for the purpose of legal disclosure.

Customers may access, update and request removal of their account data

Customers may update their payment card number, associated domain names, large multimedia files, email forwarding addresses and other personal identification information by logging into Customers who wish to have a payment cycle canceled should email directly and request this.

Customers may update or remove the data on their own website at anytime through a secure login provided by Icompendium.

The data (images, text, media files) uploaded to a customer website can be edited at anytime. When a customer cancels their Icompendium account, their website is removed from public access. However, their files and personal information remains archived on the Icompendium system for an indefinite period of time unless removal of this information is requested. This can be requested with an email sent to

Customers may request a download of their data

Customers can request a download of the data they have uploaded to their Icompendium site. A machine-readable output of uploaded data can be requested via email to This download will contain any information the customer has entered into the Icompendium system, and related data stored by Icompendium. It will be provided in JSON text file that includes remote URI indicators for large media files.

Secure login and payment

Icompendium forces SSL encryption on all web forms that accept username, password and payment information. This ensures that sensitive information is never read in transit by others on the same network who may wish to do this.